Premium Moroccan Oil

Arganomic is single-origin and organic certified. We don't compromise on quality and neither should you.


Arganomic is EcoCert 100% pure, Organic Argan oil. EcoCert is the worldwide leader in cosmetic and culinary organic certifications.

Cold Pressed

We care about you and the environment  So, instead of using harsh chemicals like alcohol and CO2, we cold press our oil from the Argan tree.


With other Argan oils, you can't be sure where it came from or the standard of the farm. We are transparent and use only one, trusted source for all of our oil.


Arganomic pure Argan oil has no scent for a healthy, allergy-free lifestyle. Perfect as a primary base layer under your makeup, SPF, and perfume.

Small Batch

Quality control is key. We produce Arganomic in small batches for our premium, handmade skincare.

100% Pure

No fillers or fragrance here! Look at our ingredients and you'll see we let the Argan oil speak for itself.