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Who can use Argan oil?

Anyone can use Arganomic Argan oil because we only use the most pure, organic oil. Our oil comes from a single-source, so quality is never compormised. The amazng thing about Argan oil is that it works on all skin and hair types.

Does Argan oil smell?

Don't buy Argan oil if it smells! Argan oil should be cold-pressed and for cosmetic use. Watch out for argan oil brands that have slight smell almost like machine oil. It's possibly heavy metals left behind from thier extraction process. Our Argan oil is cold-pressed to avoid these heavy metal extraction process. So Arganomic is 100% pure cosmetic grade oil without any additives or preservatives. We even got our certification from EcoCert, the largest accreditor in te world! We ake you choice simple because we keep Arganomic pure, without synthetic fragrances. You can be sure our oil won't irritate your skin.

How long does Arganomic Argan oil last?

Arganomic Argan oil 50 mL is enough for one person, for 1-3 months, depending on thier skin and hair needs. If you're in a dry climate or working in the extreme air conditioning all day youre skin will benefit from using Arganomic more often. If you're in a wet, humid climate, you will also want to use Arganomic to give your hair and skin a natural shine. We do offer subscription reorders. So you never run out of this multi-tasking miracle oil!

Do you use parabens?

Preservatives, like parabens, have been found to cause fertility issues and breast cancer. We absolutley do NOT use any preservatives, including parabens, in our beauty oil. Rest assured you are getting the best quality, single-source argan oil from Arganomic.

What is Argan oil?

Argan oil comes from the ancient Argan tree. For centuries its been used by elite societies across the world for shining, smooth hair and supple, healthy skin. The cosmetic oil is golden in color and full of vitamins and nutrients like Vitamins A, E and amino acids. Argan oil is safe to use on hair, skin, and nails.

Is Arganomic non-toxic?

Toxic products hurt and damage your hair and skin. The chemicals in other products may work short-term, but are causing severe damage causing you to look older, sooner. Arganomic is cold-pressed, unlike others who use chemical extraction methods which leave behind heavy metals in their product.

Is Arganomic single-origin?

We believe in healthy solutions to help you live life to the fullest now and in the future. That's why we use the most exclusive, pure, single-origin Argan oil. We are fully transparent from our farm to your home and Ecoert clean and organic certified.

Can I use Arganomic on my face?

Yes, please do! Arganomic is cosmetic grade Argan oil meant to heal cuts, discoloration, and correct the oiliness of any type of skin. Argan oil is also well-known to fight acne for a smooth complextion.

Is Arganomic safe to use while pregnant?

Absolutely! Arganomic is 100% pure organic Argan oil from nature. Many other cleaners and products that claim to be anti-acne actualy use salicylic acid whic his bad for baby. We do not use salicyclic acid. We are safe for use thoughout your pregnancy - Arganomic even helps reduce stretch marks!

Is Arganomic Premium Argan Oil?

Yes, Arganomic Argan oil is superior than any other in the US market. We are exclusive partners with the villagewomen of Essaouira, Morocco. Bringing you the purest Argan oil - harvested from 300-year-old Argan trees.

Is Italian Argan Oil real?

No, pure Argan oil only comes from Morocco. Italy and other countries have tried to mimic the unique climate of Morocco, unsuccessfully. Our 300-year-old Moroccan Argan trees are grown in nourishing soil native only to Morocco.