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 Arganomic Oil nourishes your locks with Vitamin E. Keeping your hair healthy, strong, and full of shine. 

AS A HAIR MASK: To strengthen hair, apply 5-7 drops of Arganomic Oil from root to tip once a week. For split ends, rub 3-5 drops into ends of hair 2x a week.

TO STRAIGHTEN HAIR: Use before blowdrying or air drying your hair for a sleek, straight look. After towel drying hair, massage 3-5 drops through your hair, starting in the middle of the shaft, using your fingers as a comb. 

FOR A NATURAL LOOK: Apply to dry hair using 3-5 drops of Arganomic. This will enhance your waves or curls, naturally. 

Calming and oil controlling, use Arganomic Oil all over your body to heal and moisturize skin.  Fragrance and paraben-free, Arganomic is gentle enough to use on your face, too.

FOR DRYNESS, EXZEMA:  Argan Oil is a natural moisturizer for even the toughest dry patches. Its nature richest source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. 

ENDING ACNE: ​No more maskne! Argan oil fights the oleic acid in your skin to prevent pimples. It also has some anti-bacterial properties to keep the skin under your mask clean and clear.

REDNESS AND BUMPS: Argan oil acts as an anti-inflammatory. This helps calm upset skin due to razor burn, sunburn, and keeps skin clean and healthy

MAKEUP REMOVER: Skin calming and oil controlling, Arganomic is perfect for removing daily dirt buildup. Argan oil is a great makeup remover for your face and even the most sensitive eye area. BONUS!

Hands look younger and feel softer with Arganomic Oil. ​Hand sanitizer contains harsh alcohol that is harsh on our hands. Arganomic Argan Oil is nourish and moisturize dry, cracked hands.

CUTICLES: ​Massage into cuticles to soften. Then, use a manicure tool to safely push cuticles down and cut off.

STRONGER NAILS: ​Fortifying and growth inducing, Arganomic is great to use on nails, too.

SOFTER SKIN: Nourishing Arganomic Argan Oil shines skin to perfection. Use all over from head to toe!