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For the first time, Arganomic is bringing pure and effective Argan oil beauty products to the US market. We are passionate about combatting the exploitation of Argan oil by partnering with Moroccan village women for authentic Moroccan Argan oil.

Chloe Sommers, Founder

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'I was looking for argan oil for personal cosmetic use hair and skin care. I previously purchased Pura'dor brand but it doesn't seem like real Argan oil. Now, I am happy to know I and purchasing from a legitimate source.'

Angela C.

'Amazing not only have I used it on my face (my wrinkles thank you) and hands, but I got a bad burn on my arm and it healed beautifully, quickly. I love the fact that it is all natural and it’s processed in an organic way from the original source. The perfect product'

Helene S.

I wanted to give myself a gift and support natural products. It was amazing! I used to use a much cheaper hair oil from John Frieda. Here is how I compare them: On my first try, I used Arganomic and immediately felt that it absorbed better and quickly than John Frieda. I didn’t have to wash my hands after applying it because it felt way less oily than John Frieda and it also served as my hand lotion. On my second try, I put John Frieda on the left portion of my hair and Arganomic on the right. It looked exactly the same upfront but after 5 minutes, the texture of them felt very different. The John Frieda side felt dryer as if I didn’t apply anything. The Arganomic side was just as happy as it can possibly be. My hair is much smoother now! Worth the premium price!